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Laptop AC Adapters
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ADP-45WD_B - HP 14t 14z 15t 15z TouchSmart 15z-n100 Serie Charger+Cord laptop adapter

GSB237_2.31A akku
Artikel Code : HPQ17841_2 GSB237

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AC Eingang:
19.5V ~ 2.31A 45W
DC Ausgang:
100-240V ~ 1.5A, 50 - 60Hz
Preis :€ 43.69 € 31.11

   € 31.11
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 Kompatibel mit den folgenden adapter:

DC connector size: 4.5*3.0mm
Outlet: 3-prong
719309-001, 721092-001, PA-1450-32HE,HSTNN-LA35,719309-003,HSTNN-DA35,ADP-45WD B

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  • * ADP-45WD_B Laptop AC Adapter - at least the big brand producers offer even years later still AC adapter as accessories or spare parts.
  • * Compatible ADP-45WD_B AC Adapter for Laptop - Some providers such as akku-laptop.com offer for all brands and manufacturers low cost compatible AC adapter for laptops.
  • * so-called universal notebook power adapter - this is AC adapter with adjustable voltage and interchangeable connectors for connection to the laptop. Modern AC adapter this category not change the voltage across Schier Egler (which can be adjusted easily and unintentionally), but about small adapter bridges.
  • * identical ADP-45WD_B AC Adapter - (!) is no exception, the first 3 options in question, you have to look for on the basis of data from old notebook and AC adapter is a replacement power supply with suitable properties.
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