Semitransparent Screen Mobile

A company launches a very particular screen, the device manufacturers should reach in the second half. The materials used in the screen reacts to electric shock. Being right in 2011 no one can deny that there are many Dell xps m1530 battery that generate billions and billions of dollars a year, many of them as drugs, illegal weapons are clearly within the law but certainly the world of technology is in the ranking and more even when it comes to mobile devices.

After the launch of the iPhone completely changed the world and the mobile phone market increased exponentially, people previously did not change much after his mobile phone from Apple really well and now it changed to 50% of people can not not be the last Dell xps m1710 battery market. The same happened with Apple’s iPad tablet which opened a new market and now no doubt that after more than a hundred launches of the same party is at its best.

All the manufacturers that makes every day want to find a way to attract a new audience with different functions and came Android on the software and thus also arises Near Field Communication technology, better known as Dell xps m1730 battery and this is the case of the new semi-transparent screen. The Japanese manufacturer famous for TDK cassette tapes announced the development of a passive matrix display QVGA semitransparent organic that can be used on mobile devices like smartphones and tablets.

The company says the product should be available for the second half. The organic EL display consists of materials that emit light when an electric shock. The strong brightness, wide viewing angle, fast response time and other features. TDK as this gives less Sony vgp-bps2 to the user’s eyes. For its part, the screen is still done in a very small size of 36 x 48 mm approximately and has a resolution also less than 240 x 320 pixels.

For its part, Sony has a 13.3-inch flexible display devices E-readers. At an event in the United States called SID was presented by Sony flexible display produced with a focus on digital book readers such as Kindle. Generally the display of these devices is done with a Sony vgp-bps2c that requires no light, has low power consumption and does not harm both your eyes and common LCD screen the only problem is that these are not flexible like paper so far.

Sony said the product is being presented has a resolution of 800 x 1200 pixels and a size of 13.3 inches with a contrast ratio of 100,000:1 and weighs a maximum of 20 grams. The sheet thickness is only 0.015 inches, to get this size as thin and lightweight Sony uses a Sony vgp-bps2a substrate manufacturing. Yet there is neither price nor release dates. Undoubtedly, this would be a screen that size will surely find not only digital book readers and maybe they can get to see it in tablets.

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